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01-09-2019, 08:56 PM
best time for trading,What is the best time for trading

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One of the Forex trading advantages is twenty four hours a day, five days a week trading. You can start trading Sunday afternoon EST and continue till the Friday afternoon EST – seems to be perfect to operate, isn't it? But in order to get profits while trading you should choose the proper time to trade thought it may seem not to be so important at the beginning, that is one of the things one should know to become successful Forex trader and professional traders secret!

So, what is the best time for Forex trading?

The best time to trade is when the market has great number of traders, i.e. actively traded market providing you with the possibility to make profits while calm slow market is just wasting your time and efforts!

Best time to trade or Forex trading power hours, worst time for Forex Tading or poor hours of trading and many other factors affecting Forex trading we will be considering hereafter together.

I have and have for sometime had multiple time frames open at anyone time (weekly, daily, H4, hourly, 15m and 5m). This can be confusing and takes some getting used to at times it can lead to over analyzing things so I guess it also depends on your strategy.

In regards to the thread question, I'm in the habit of making myself available through the London session and usually for the first couple of hours for US.. That gets quite late my time so over time this will obviously turn you into a bit of a fruit loop =P

But if you're trading intraday the hour before and 2 hours into the sessions mainly London and US would be where the Volume comes in. the highest volume is in the London/US overlap at the US open...

The lower volume times like Asia (although this is more unpredictable) leave you subject to stop hunts and the like, but if stop hunting is your strategy then this may actually suit you. Emerald Eyes is a trader that comes to mind. I think he trades stops in the lower volume times from memory.

Anyway sorry to rabbit on but that would be my response in regards to time frames and session times.